If you want to be happy, be. – Leo Tolstoy

Welcome, welcome, welcome…welcome to The Happy Human. This blog was created because as I walk around in this world I notice that a lot of people seem sad, unhappy, angry, irritated and frustrated, along with a lot of other emotions that could be listed, but I think you get the gist of it.

As I look at all of the unhappy people, trying to make a living, trying to pay the bills, I realize that I used to be one of them, unhappy about life, frustrated with my struggles, and just downright angry at the unfairness of it all sometimes. But thankfully, that is no longer how I see my life. It’s not that the circumstances in my life have changed so much, matter of fact, they haven’t changed much at all. But it is more attributed to the fact that I have changed the way I perceive this great gift we call life, and what it is I can be, do and have in my life.

My husband once said to me, “If you know how to do something well, and someone else doesn’t, shouldn’t you teach them how to do it well also?” And so, this is who this blog is dedicated to, to all of us, walking around trying to make sense of this thing we call life, and what seems like an elusive dream to so many, happiness.

And so it will be about how to be happy, regardless of where you are in your life. It will hopefully teach you a new perspective of viewing the world, so happiness becomes a natural part of your everyday life.

If you are looking for my credentials in psychology, theology, or sociology, or any of the other -ologies, you will not find one. The only degree I do consider myself to have is in Joyful Living . I have spent the last four years teaching myself the keys to it. I did not travel to a mountain top, or take time away from life in order to learn it. I did not attend a formal school, or special retreat. I learned it all while just living. And I figure if I can do it, then so can all the others who don’t have the means to travel the world, or take time off of life to go sit by the beach, to realize their happiness, because there are bills to pay, and mouths to feed, including your own.

I had to do learn how to be happy this way because I am part of the infamous “99%”, which many of us are, much to our dismay. And unless luck happens my way and I win the $1.5 billion lottery sitting out there now, tomorrow I will still be a part of the 99%, but not to my dismay. The lottery is what it is. It is nothing more than a gamble you are willing to take, a game you are willing to play, when you spend your hard earned money on a piece of paper with some numbers on it.

I know my happiness will never come from that little piece of paper, but having the ability to pay all of your bills every month might relieve a little stress, which many of us could agree on. WE all have struggles, big and small, and sometimes think life is unfair. My husband and I are broke more often than not; we do not own our own home. We, like many, don’t have a savings plan or a retirement plan, don’t spend our money on luxuries and are one illness away from being on the street. Yet, in spite of these circumstances in my life, I am able to experience happiness on a pretty much daily basis.

Now you may wonder how I can be happy if that is my life, but I can tell you with total sincerity that I am very content in my life. I have a husband who loves me, a roof over my head, food in the fridge, a warm bed to sleep in, a family who loves me, grandchildren I get to spend time with, a cell phone, cable t.v., a car to drive, and warm coats hanging in the closet. I have no reason not to be happy. And THAT is how I see life, and it is not a hard task to do.

I see my glass as half-full all the time, at least most of the time. I admit it, I allow things to get to me every now and again, I am only human, you know. But it’s never takes too long for me to be turned right side up again, enjoying life.

I am not talking of the happiness that you feel when you buy your dream house, or purchase the car you have always wanted, which is a very nice happiness, but that is not it. This happiness…it does not come from the outside, from anything you have, but from within, where every human’s happiness lies. Maybe trying to remember this one very important fact about happiness is one of humanity’s greatest challenges.

And so this blog is to help you remember, that being happy is a right we all have, and it is something that no one can give you, or take away from you. And it is up to you to figure out what makes you happy, regardless of what others may say, and go after it. It is what we are here for, it is our purpose.

I plan to fill this blog with articles about our natural born ability to be happy, where we find happiness, the balancing of body/mind/spirit, and how important it is to us as humans to find balance, along with spirituality and the role it plays in our lives. I will recommend inspirational books, and articles from other bloggers and websites. I hope you will look forward to my posts as much as I look forward to writing them.

I invite comments and questions, as there is always something new to discuss when it comes to figuring out how to be happy while we go through our time on this earth.



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